Lightning Protection System for building (LPS)

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Papers

The general understanding bout lightning protection system for building structure is confined to provision  a direct strike lightning air terminal, down conductor and earth terminal.

lightning protection  system for building and other associated structure is complete with the following:

1) lightning direct strike air terminal; rods, horizontal copper tape and strip to form mesh or grid like terminal place at roof top.

2) down conductor; the conductor with the purpose to conduct the lightning energy to the ground once the building are struck by lightning.

3) earth terminal; an interface joining the above the ground LPS with the general mass of earth so that there is a solid bond between the LPS with the soil.

4) the equal potential bonding system serve the purpose of making very point of system at the same potential under transient over voltage condition.

5) proper placement and coordination of secondary surge protectors so that at very point on the electrical system, surge protector are installed.


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